Terms and Conditions:

1) Joining will not be held until the payment of Rs.1000 / -.

2) Accessories Rs.1000 You can shop ahead from.

3) joining fees & The amount of the baggage will be accepted by the DD.

4) After joining, if you have not received the requested inventory in eight days, then you can report it to the company’s phone. And the people you joined will get the goods from home.

5) After the work done by the company, the amount received in commission will be made in cash by TDS.

6) Each time the commission will be commissioned by the company at the designated level.

7) Only after the completion of the work, ie, after retirement, only goods / goods worth Rs. 5,000 will be given for the month of the month for 10 years. Or Rs. 4 lakh in cash, if you want, TDS will be paid. And the company will not have any of your remaining.

8) At the time of decision, the decision that the company makes for the company’s interest will be decided by the decision makers in the company, those who accept the goods will be the last and will remain the same.

9) Jointing Fee 1000 / – Jantes Plan and Rs. 1500 / – Ladies’ work, after paying the fare or not, the membership fee will not be refunded.

Terms and Conditions Apply.