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Opening Date.17/11/2017.

For the first time in India, Sri Saraj Company has brought a lot of attention to everyone, especially for the educated unemployed people, apart from new ones and everyone else. Each household will be able to bring home furnishings to each household, accessories, essential items, as well as agricultural medicines, fertilizers, home furnishings, groceries, clothes, medicines and school materials. The company you ask for. If you go to work and earn a commissions, you will be rewarded with a huge reward and after the completion of the targeted budget, the pension scheme will be started by the company. In the meantime, you will be asked to pay the monthly amount of Rs 5000 per month for ten years. For ten years, the company will be provided free of cost. And as well as educated unemployed, housewives, farmers, and people from every sector will also get the opportunity to do the company's work by sitting at home. There is no chance of employment but there is an opportunity to make economic progress. India's only company Sri Saraj has come.




Not only this, the company's objectives and goals are that,Unlike the needy homeless for social and country interest,In case of natural disaster in the country,For farmers suffering from suicides,
For people with disabilities,The company will work for the orphaned children, the elderly, the social commitment, and will spend 10% (10%) of the company's profits free of cost. That is why the company has the intention of working with company, work along with prices, and social welfare. The company is giving you the promise and you are also giving a promise to do it.