Panchal sir

Narhari S. Panchal

Founder Of Sri Saraj

Birth: 5th of January, 1977.
Education: Graduate ITI Fitter Trade and CTI Pune. Since 2002. Taluka and district office bearers of the national and political party have played the role of political responsibility. Members of the Committee of Gorakshanath Temple Vice President and Wai tq.Vasmat dist. Hingoli working as Sarpanch, Maharashtra State Vice President of Social Sanitation Society Association. Introductory introduction of freedom and love in the society and a person who is able to get the mind and the feeling of co-operation.
Occupation: The company has a great resolution and, while being in the field of education in general, was to become an industrial entrepreneur, that it tried to make all the common people and educated people through work and financial resources to reduce the number of unemployed but they could not be achieved. Therefore, through small Sri Saraj Multi Product Sales And Service, small and small entrepreneurs and well-educated unemployed people should take their company along with the people of the whole country. They are really standing without showing false dreams and taking many of them together to build and educate their self confidence. God's footsteps to answer their dreams Is. As a social commitment, the Company is ready to provide 10% cost of profits free of cost for social and national interest as a service to the future.

Harikrishna K. Surampalli

Co-Founder Of Sri Saraj

Birth: 06 February 1983.
Education: B.Sc. Karim Nagar, Telangana has been the main founder of the Laksh English School, Vasamat, Chief Secretary of Kartik Kumar Foundation, Chief director Dronacharya Academy in Maharashtra, 15 years of business experience in different business from 1998.
Occupation: Since 1998, has started working in different fields and has worked for many people. Telangana has raised a business in Andhra and raised various businesses under the Kartik Kumar Foundation in Maharashtra but it is not satisfied. With the intention of using Stubborn and persistent and many unemployed people to get all the work from all the communities inspired by Sri Saraj MPS, the idea of ​​joining the main founder, Mr. Narhari Panchal , is to bring this company to the whole of India and work with the financial status We have decided to work and take advantage of small business enterprises to take the interest of the country Area.